We want to create a place where every heart feels safe, loved, believed in, and seen.

We want to build a retreat center for the forgotten to call home, the dreamers to come alive, and the busy worn down families and marriages to connect, rest, and be set free.

We   are  building  a  farm, and   putting   out   a   welcome   mat

PURSUIT is preparing a place

to tangibly love a hurting & overwhelmed generation

​Never have I ever been more nervous, more excited, and more terrified to share something with all of you as I am today.

Today, this post, is the culmination of nearly a decade of dreaming, praying, believing, and holding near. You know those dreams that are buried so deep, held so close, and hoped for so passionately that they almost feel they are a part of your very soul? Your purest heart?

Well, that’s this dream for me. For my whole family actually. And I hope it’s received kindly as I pour it out on these pages. But even if it’s not, I know it was breathed into our hearts by a Father who loves His children with such an ache and longing, that even if He’s the only one who gets it, I’m okay with that. Because it’s for Him anyway.

For years, longer than I can remember really, I’ve dreamed of living on a farm. I long for property to tend to, animals to feed, and orchards to prune. My mind wanders to a long tree lined drive that leads up to the house, and rowdy children playing till the sun catches the dirt from their feet creating beams of light in the dust as it sets. I imagine front porches, and late night bonfires, and conversations that light our souls a blaze. I picture a houseful of guests, and friends, new and old, that feel like our home is theirs. I imagine waking up in the quiet to take a walk in the pastures with my Father before the whole place awakens.  

This has always been my heart cry. For longer than I’ve even known what a heart cry was. It’s like it’s been written on my soul. In my very DNA. And now, in hind site, I know that it was.  

Over the years, although the landscape of my dreams hasn’t changed, the purpose very much has. Some time ago, the vision grew. As I opened my heart to new ideas, new concepts, and new people, it began to take on a life of its own. Instead of one house, I saw several. Instead of animals to feed, and plants to prune, I saw faces and hearts that needed love, tending, and a place to belong. The more I offered this dream back to God, the more He filled it with new ideas and gave it back to me. And for years, God and I have gone round and round like this.  

Me letting go of my plans, and Him breathing new ones into me. It’s been the most beautiful, and sacred surrender. One that I have tucked very deeply in my heart until just recently.

But oddly, and a little fearfully, it feels like it’s time. As blatant as the leaves fading to orange, and yellow, from their formerly brilliant array of greens. It feels like God is leaning in, whispering louder, and asking me to open up this part of my heart, and share it with you. And I will be quite honest, I’m petrified about it.

But here I go.

The dream of dreams here at the Stott family is to join hands with the Father, and build a farm. But not just a farm…. a haven, a safe place, a land of community, and connection, and family, and belonging.   

A place for others to call home, heal, dream, and awaken adventure.

Several years ago, Isaac and I moved to a new city to escape the oppression and control of some very abusive church leaders. We spent many years alone, afraid, and frankly, traumatized. We beat our own hearts in condemnation and shame wondering how we could have been so blind to what we let happen. As we hibernated to heal, we ran wholeheartedly after God. 

Why did He let such
awful things happen?

What is God's character really  like?

Is there still hope & purpose for us after we've messed up so badly?

As we pursued the Father’s heart, veils fell off of our eyes, and peace, joy, laughter and curiosity returned to our hearts. 

Our marriage has been restored, and the culture of our family has a beautiful new rhythm. One of laughter, and grace, adventure, and connection.

Through it all we began to see our reflection in His eyes, and were washed of so much pain we had been harboring. 

What once felt like a wasted and shameful season was filled with new hope and purpose. We began to feel tremendous burden, and unbridled passion to help others find their way out of the woods, and into freedom found in the Father’s heart.
We wanted to link arms and help others heal, dream, hope, and feel alive again.
Or if they've just been burdened with the busy and the hustle, to find a place of quiet, and respite to recharge again.
New dreams started to birth for this property we’d held in our hearts for so long. And we found ourselves planning, praying, and pondering the possibilities for most of our waking hours. “What if we could create a space for couples, and families, and leaders, and authors to return to rest, and connect with the heart of God? 

A place to heal, experience new adventures, soak in community, rest in God, and laugh again. 

What if we could build a safe haven for them? A luxurious, peaceful place to come with their spouses, or their kids, or be alone with their thoughts and dreams? A place of connection, and hope, and grace, and community, and adventure. 

A place to commune with God, and community, and fill your days with long meals, kayaking, tending animals, mountain climbing, or reading in a hammock? A place that when we were down and out, on the brink of destruction, divorce, and isolated depression we wished we could find, but couldn’t.

What if we could make a place like that?

When this question found it's way into our hearts, it's almost like God took over and started drawing out a very specific plan.  

We saw roads forming, and buildings popping up around the property.  We started being able to picture every detail, and imagine ourselves hosting groups large and small.

We would build ten cabins, each with 2 rooms and a living area, sleeping 8-10 people. They would be comfortable enough for two couples, or a family with children to make themselves at home for a weekend, or a month, whatever they were needing. We would have a few airstreams about the property, for those looking for solitude, writing a book, or needing time with their thoughts. It would ideally be 100 acres, but no less than 60. On another part of the property we would build 2 or 3 houses for our host families. We would work together to keep up the farm, love on the guests, and cultivate an environment of grace, hope, connection, and fully alive hearts. Somewhere in the middle would be a community barn. It would act as a gathering space for guests and visitors as well as an event center for the farm, and local community. We imagine having worship nights in the barn, and showing old movies on the side of it in the summer. We see huge community gatherings for the local city, and a private retreat center we could use for Pursuit Community events if needed.

Most of all we see home, and belonging.

A place where love wins, and failures fall in the light of His glory. We see redemption, and wholeness, and laughter. We see purposes unveiled, families restored, and hearts coming alive.

And as with everything that Pursuit stands for, we see this farm as a place where women, and families, and marriages can uncover the heart of God for their lives, and walk in the fullness of their calling.  

Where passions can be birthed, and giftings brought to life. A place where joy, and adventure, and laughter, and story are thickly woven into our fabric. We see it as the heart of our ministry becoming tangible. Where we can meet people face to face everyday. Serving them, loving, them, equipping them, and unleashing them into their most full and free selves.

A place where we can wash people in the love and grace of God, and see their hearts and relationships burst forth in new freedom and passion.  

For six years we have been serving the women of Pursuit primarily through online means. And we are believing that our great big powerful God is calling us to cultivate a place of home for all of our incredible sisters.

We believe that soon, through ways only God can move, a ministry that started as a website, will adorn itself with a welcome mat. On a property He has prepared for us.

And you are already invited.

Forever in your corner,



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